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Ohio Specailty Projects for the Following:
Chimney building and Chimney Design
Fireplaces, Bar-B-Ques & Firepits
Landscaping Design and Ideas, Pavers, Brick Patio Design Brick Mailbox Design, Stone Mailboxes Design
Brick Steps, Stone Steps and Concrete Steps
Brick Pillars and Stone Pillars
Brick Spiral Pillars
Ohio Masonry Restoration of Stone Walls and Exteriors
     We can install your new stone wall or repair your existing stone walls  on the exterior or interior of your home.  There are hundreds of patterns to pick from and we can help you pick out the best design for your project.

Cultured Stone Installation
Stone Wall Installation
Stone Wall Tuckpointing and Repair
Stone Wall Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Ohio Concrete Step Repair

     Your entry way steps are a very important feature of your home.  Your concrete steps or brick steps take a beating from the weather year round.  They need to be maintained to ensure the safety of your family and guest that may use them.  We can perform the following masonry restoration services for just about any masonry step issue you may have.

Concrete Step Repair / Concrete Step Replacement
Brick Step Repair / Brick Step Replacement
Stone Step Repair / Stone Step Replacement
Masonry Step Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Ohio Chimney Tuckpointing and Ohio Chimney Repair

     A masonry chimney is an essential part of your homes heating system and it needs to be maintained or you may be putting your health and the saftey of your homes structure and yourself at risk if it is not properally maintained.  We can perform the following masonry restoration services to get your Brick Chimney or Stone Chimney in tip top shape. Masonry Chimney's i n Ohio are especially prone to have problems due to the intense weather changes from summer to winter.

Chimney Repair
Chimney Tuckpointing Restoration
Concrete Chimney Crown Repair
Clay Flu Liner Replacement
Chimney Brick Tuckpointing Repair

Chimney Flashing Repair
Chimney Bird Cap Installation
Chimney Brick Replacement
Chimney Replacement / Chimney Rebuild /
Chimney Design
Chimney Exterior Pressure Washing

Ohio Masonry Restoration  & Historic Building Restoration Specialist
Chimney Repair, Tuckpointing, Masonry Brick Mailboxes, Masonry Wall Repair, Brick Fireplaces & Stone Fireplaces, Masonry Landscaping, Brick Pavers, Masonry Retaining Walls, Basement Block Wall Repair,  Basement Waterproofing.
Sandusky ohio brick home
ohio porch installation
ohio paver patio
ohio brick step repair
ohio concrete step repair
Ohio Masonry Brick Wall Repair Services / Masonry Restoration

     Your Brick Masonry walls are a vital part of your homes exterior structure, They are much better than other wall exteriors because of thier durabilty and lasting beauty.  However years of weathering can damage your Brick Walls and they need to be tended too, we can perform a total masonry restoration for your residential or commercial building which includeds but not limited to.

General Brick Tuckpointing and Stone Tuckpointing.
Wall Repair cracks, loose mortar repair , broken unit repair (brick, stone, block)
Broken Brick and Stone Repair
Concrete Pressure Washing & Brick Pressure Washing
Commercial building Brick Tuckpointing and Repair

Block Foundation and Basement Wall Repair / Basement Waterproofing

     Your Block Basement walls or Block Foundation walls are what your home sets on and it is very important that these are well maintained.  Your Block Foundation is very susepitical to water damage, cracking, crumbling and bowing over time and there are numerous ways to stop and slow the damage that is created by water and the massive pressure that is placed on your walls.  We can perform the following masonry restoration services to repair your walls so they last a lifetime.  Services we can perform but not limited to:

Basement Waterproofing
Block Wall Tuckpointing
Basement Block Wall Crack Repair
Foundation Wall Crack Repair
Block Wall Reinforcement
Block Wall Replacement
New Basement Block Wall Installation
Foundation Exteior Wall Coatings

Ohio Landscaping Design and Installation

     If you are ready to upgrade your landscaping with masonry structures we can install just about anythibg you like.  We can do all the following and more.

Outdoor and Indoor Fireplace Design
Landscape Design
Brick Mailbox Design, Stone Mailbox Design
Brick Paver Patio
Brick Paver Driveways and Brick Paver Walkways
Block Retaining Walls
Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Bar B Que Pits

Ohio New Con struction Projects
Brick Walls and Structures
Block Basements and Block Foundations
Chimney Design And Building

And Pretty Much Anything Else You Can Design Involving Brick or Stone Products.

Lorain County Ohio Snow Removal Services 
During the winter months we offer Snow Removal  Services for Lorain County which includes:

Amherst Ohio Snow Removal Services
Lorain Ohio Snow Removal  Services
Elyria Ohio Snow Removal  Services

     Hello, and welcome to our web site, if you are in need to get that Historic building restored, Chimney repaired, masonry steps repaired or a special project done then you are in the right place.  We can handle just about any project you may have.   We are one of the only full service Ohio Masonry Restoration Contractor's in the state.  We serve all of North East Ohio for Masonry Restoration Contracting in cities like Amherst OH, Avon OH, Lorain OH, Elyria OH, Sandusky OH, Vermilion OH, Westlake OH  and  Cleveland OH.  But you may feel free to browse our site or visit our Blog the Masons Pro Corner for great information on everything masonry. Here are just some examples of what our company can do for you.

Ohio Masonry Restoration & Historic Building Restoration Services for the Following Masonry Projects:

Custom Built Masonry
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Custom Built Masonry
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