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Brick Wall Repair and Stone Wall Repair

After years of weathering all masonry structures adventually need the joints of their masonry walls touched up with tuckpointing,  

Failing to care for your brick walls or stone walls will lead to brick spalling and crumbling, stone deterioration, joints no longer lining up, and eventually total system failure in which the wall will fall down.

There are many thing you can look for to see if your masonry walls need to be tuckpointed and repaired.

* Crumbling Joints
* Cracked Brick or Stone
* Spalling or missing Brick or Stone
* Open Joints in Mortar
* Unexplained water seepage into your building
* Dark Blackening of Joints
* Misalignment of Joints
* Wall Curvature, which is really bad

We can take care of any failing masonry wall problem you may have.  Give us a call today to fix any problems you may have.

Masonry Wall Repair